Vogue Midi T Electric Stoves

The stylishly contemporary Vogue Midi T electric stove range presents a collection of stunning options that will each create an eye-catching centrepiece with their captivating, 3D flame visuals. Providing 180° views of the flame effect, two windows on either side of the stove’s body supplement the large front window for a mesmerising display – visible from almost any angle in the room.

The Vogue Midi T electric is offered as a plinth-mounted stove or in Midline and Highline log store versions, which can be filled with logs to enhance the wood burning aesthetic. Alternatively, the wall-hung version creates a floating installation for a strikingly modern look.


The Gazco Vogue electric range represents the latest innovation in electric stove design, creating deep, captivating, 3D flame effects with incredible realism. Gazco’s Chromalight® Immersive LED technology lets you independently control flame and ember bed lighting effects to create the perfect ambience in virtually any part of the home. And all at the touch of a button with the range’s advanced Eco remote control.

Model A B C D E F G
Vogue Midi T 418mm 348mm 776mm 474mm 306mm 221mm 302mm
Vogue Midi T Midline 418mm 348mm 927mm 474mm 306mm 372mm 302mm
Vogue Midi T Highline 418mm 348mm 1260mm 474mm 306mm 704mm 302mm


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