The Bijuga model is a very solid stylish garden fireplace made of 3mm CorTen steel. The striking timeless design combines clean lines and surfaces with industrial accents. For example, the sheet material on the connecting seams is folded outwards and all bolts and nuts are visible. The hardwood merbau parts (knobs and push rod) not only form beautiful details, but are also very practical for operation, because they do not get too hot. The version with 2 wheels and a push bar at the rear is easy to move. The emblem on the hood symbolizes the collaboration with Atelier Rene Knip, the designer of the fireplace.

The design is by Atelier Rene Knip. Rene has a distinctly personal vision of stoves. The user and the function of the stove are central to this. His designs have a clearly individual character and are characterized by balanced proportions in the dimensions, beautiful lines and the use of high-quality materials and beautiful details.

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Technical information


  • Bijuga
  • Bijuga wheels (+ 2 wheels)


– Extra long (+ 500 mm) flue
– Extra long (+ 1000 mm) flue –
Spark arrester in the rain hood
– CorTen steel floor plate (745 x 745 x 3 mm)
Custom-made flue with a fixed connection with a roof terminal


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